Terrazzo flooring consists of a sleek concrete surface flecked with glittering pieces of stone or granite that can be interchanged to match a surrounding aesthetic. Given the versatility, terrazzo is now at the center of a rekindled demand. The variance in fleck sizes of marble or quartz and unlimited choices in concrete colours, it's a material that displays a lot of personality, and invites a ton creativity.

In Situ Terrazzo
Cast on site terrazzo floors for bigger floor panels and less joints. An ancient method of flooring, in situ floors are designed and constructed as unique floors. Even with their playful imperfections, laid-on-site cement terrazzo floors are an epitome of design and context in floorings. Improved quality of supporting chemicals like admixtures, fibers and sealers, now make terrazzo floors more practical than ever before.

Terrazzo can be effectively used to complement design in variety of applications. The products are characterised by an unlimited range, good wear resistance and renewable surface.

Partnership The process from conception to realisation of the results on site requires a close cooperation between the designer and the supplier / installer. We take pride in playing a proactive role to ensure quality results on your site.

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